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Attendente le sonios

Io jace in mi lecto,
respira profundemente
e attende le sonios
Imagines inexpectate
caressa mi mente
Le aures audi sonos interior
Voces se revela ex nihil
Sentimentos e pensatas
se amalgama
ad un phantasia surprendente
le qual vola via
in grande distantia
e postea retorna
ante que io poteva palpebrar
Un ultime palpebration,
ante que le sonios
me prende via

Congelate bullas de sapon

Un matino hibernal
io suffla bullas de sapon
Illos cade al nive fresc
e se rigidifica
Micre crystallos de glacie
rapido comencia crescer
Stellas e filices toto blanc
tosto plena le integre sphera
Un mundo unic es create
con su proprie formas e figuras
Un momento deveniva solidificate
e postea attende su dissolution
per le radios solar vaporisante
o per leve sufflos de aere

A Tale of Cancer

La 27-an de januaro 2018, en la aĝo de nur 52 jaroj, forpasis Fabienne Berthelot. Ŝi estis la edzino de István Ertl – kunfondinto de Libera Folio – kaj la patrino de iliaj tri infanoj, Klára, Ruben kaj Dorián. En 2013 en Beletra Almanako aperis ŝia jena teksto kun la titolo “Kancerkroniko”. Libera Folio republikigas ĝin memore al ŝi.

En Esperanto: Kancerkroniko

Fabienne Berthelot.

October 2010: an unusual pain in one arm, which became difficult to move.

January 2011: breast cancer diagnosed, stage 4 of 4: various metastases in the bones, not just in the shoulder. Consequently: initial chemotherapy, palliative.
Prognosis: 5 years after diagnosis 10% are still alive.

May 2011: Seventh and last chemotherapy session.

August 2011: 25 radiotherapy sessions.

September 2011: hormone therapy, plus Herceptin every three weeks in hospital.

December 2011: tumours dissappear.

April, July, December 2012: no sign of tumours.

April 2013: appearance of new metastases in the bones, further examinations, chemotherapy again.

F is for Friends
The cancer beginner already knows, or feels, or has seen from experience that some friends will disappear and others will become friends, but who will that be? It’s like the guessing game Mastermind: is the hidden colour the right one? And how many friends are there? I have imagined them at my funeral: will there be a crowd? Let’s see: 8 members of the family (will my brother Pascal be there?), plus a few from Budapest, plus a few neighbours, plus four work colleagues, plus 15 from the Court of Auditors, plus Thames, plus perhaps my doctors, plus the management of the school… yes, the school and the parents’ association! That adds up, so I think that makes 150 in all! Wow, so many! I’d like to see that! And then, who will be sympathetic? understanding? compassionate? encouraging and positive? Who will be the surprise? I’ve already had surprises: friends I thought to be extremely humane, kindly, understanding and faithful fell silent and stopped chatting or sending messages, while acquaintances visited me, helped me, phoned regularly and were very attentive, sollicitous, cheery and positive. My brother hasn’t taken the opportunity to come back, but there have been friends, enormously friendly friends. That’s a great advantage: to be able to take stock of one’s friends thanks to cancer.

A is for Anna
In July last year she went home to Finland for reconstructive breast surgery. She was not at stage 4, but she was very frightened, her children were worried to death. We met once outside the hospital, and she said it was like a second home.

P is for Pain
When there is pain, when it seeps into everything, you get used to it. At least if you keep still, you can even manage to forget it, provided life is throbbing on around you. But when night comes to send you off to bed, then the pain rises up, becomes insistent, thrusts at you, stings, and turns the night into a sort of long-drawn-out stew. Bones under attack feel like a crushing bag of cement. So when I had a morphine drip I felt revived, my body took on a normal shape again instead of being a mass of sharp bony growths flowing viscously through me in the dark. But because of the morphine the children’s whispers became an infernal din, and the bathroom wall turned bright yellow and psychedelic. I was paralysed, the pain was gone but I lay there dully, surrounded by sounds and colours beyond my control, in nights plagued by Hollywoodesque nightmares. So I decided to cut down on the morphine. Did I want to be a hero? No, I was right! The pain actually disappeared and a strong dose of paracetamol did the trick, without my noticing that in fact the chemotherapy was beginning to work amazingly well.

F is for Flora
She wrote a book, no doubt a very good one. But unfortunately I don’t read Hungarian. She’s very beautiful, above all when her hair is short. But why did she show her damaged breast in Facebook?

H is for Herceptin
€900 per dose, that’s all I know (in France and in Luxembourg it’s not the patients who pay). Every three weeks, starting in January 2011. It’s like mineral water, heavy, fresh, prepared for me, with a dosage depending on my weight. If I don’t turn up it will be wasted, so I have to say when I’m coming. If I put on weight, it costs more. And I put on a lot of weight. Am I costing too much? Am I worth it? I reasoned: they are investing in your old bones because you are a mother, if you were to die your children’s quality of life would be reduced, their future would be at risk and they would contribute less to society, so you are worth it. In the TV channel Arte I saw that in the UK the medicine is not free for patients at stage 4. Of course it’s not worth it, because at that stage there is only a 10% chance of survival! Hell! If I were in a country like that I would have to pay for Herceptin!!! Could I afford it? Yes, we could sell the car, the house, and we even have parents willing to help. Actually, I’m not an old lump of bones. And old patients also get treatment at the same price. But then, why did Cédric, my favourite nurse, ask me recently when I would come off Herceptin? I read somewhere that for someone at stage 4 it’s a lifelong treatment.

Y is for Yosi
I know I’m not Yosi’s only friend, but his passing left me in mourning as if we had been the closest of friends. I felt deceived, because he claimed he hadn’t got leukemia, so why did he have to have chemotherapy? And why a transplant? A donor had been found, he was clearly going to be cured! He always appeared in good spirits, and he passed away so quickly. I felt inconsolable, and without the help of Ella… I always think of him tearfully thanking Tomasz for his work on the Jews of Bjałistok, and that brings tears to my eyes.

A is for Age
In the corridors of the oncology department I saw a young man hardly 40 years old walking with difficulty, accompanied by his parents. The three of them dragged themselves along, in silence, arms limp; it was impossible to tell who was suffering most. There was probably no hope for him.

And once, in the lift, there was a young woman of barely 20 with a carefully tied headscarf, eyebrows smooth, with an ashen complexion but firm skin, and looking dynamic, almost happy, with her mother. Clearly her cancer was in remission. Apart from those two everyone is older than me. It’s a good thing children are treated elsewhere.

P is for Pity
Actually it can be mixed with fear, the two have something of the same look. In any case it’s rather like burial before death. Sometimes I found it amusing, other times I didn’t like it at all, for example when that salesman passed me on the stairs on the third floor of a large bookshop and pointed out that there was a lift. And I had thought I could pass unnoticed. The chemotherapy was over, I was on holiday, I had a lovely wig, I could walk a whole kilometre! But apparently none of that was visible. So I thought: damn, I really am ill then, is it so easy to see? I was a little annoyed! Just when I was feeling better, the bookseller failed to notice?!!

H is for Heart
Cancer is very ungrateful, voracious. Not only does it feed on your cells, but the medication that starves it out, Herceptin, wears down your heart, which shouldn’t be concerned by the treatment. So every five months they have to check whether the heart is holding up. If not, the treatment has to stop. My heart is doing fine, egotistically, it completely ignores the ravages of Herceptin!!

C is for Culpability
Cancer is not a virus that attacks from outside, sent by some enemy, but a sort of internal anarchy that destroys your own cells. “Why did I get cancer then?” If you are a smoker, you can say “It’s my fault, I smoked.”. But if you breast-fed three children, didn’t use hormonal contraceptives for any long period, had a healthy diet, then you are left with the psychological causes. You should be ashamed of yourself! You are a pychologist and you can”t even manage to get your own subconscious in order! You are a good-for-nothing, you somehow wanted it that way. A somehow perverse reaction: “Isn’t that an interesting experience? So many new feelings, new thoughts, new perspectives on time!”

C is for Courage
“You’ll need courage.” That irritates me! What do I need courage for? I don’t understand. This is not a boxing match! “You need to fight! “ Who am I meant to fight against? Against something invisible? Against myself? That’s crazy! As if all you need to be cured is to will it, as if clenching your fists could reduce the metastases. One day I realised that fighting means standing up to fear. So does it come down to “Don’t be afraid”? You may be going to die, but that will be the end of it. Don’t be afraid, they’ll find a cure, don’t be afraid, it doesn’t matter. Whatever, it’s not clear at all. We cancer patients don’t need courage, we need a lot of compassion, patience, presence and laughter … and effective medication.

L is for Leo
When Leo, aged six, died after falling on the pavement in autumn 2011, I thought nothing could be more terrible that losing one’s child. That helped me to put my cancer into perspective. I could cry for Nicolas and Masako and not cry for myself. If I were to die, the distress of those close to me would not be comparable with their distress. I know that comparisons are invidious, but still: the death of a child is a denial of the future. Dying at 47 is not the same. One day I will be able to tell Nicolas and Masako how much the disappearance of Leo helped me. They are the kind of people who will appreciate that. Masako is very Japanese in her modesty and dedication, and Nicolas is very religious, believing that Leo is looking down on us from Paradise.

D is for Death
Of course one thinks about death, or about one’s own disappearance – that is one of the gifts cancer brings: thinking about the disappearance of the future, the unreality of other people’s future, since for yourself there is only a void. What will become of the children? I will never know what they choose to study, what work they do. Will I have grandchildren? I’d like to know, even if I’ll never see them. That’s called negociation. All cancer patients, up to the last minute, try to negotiate like that: I’ll stay alive until my daughter finishes high school. After that, I want to stay alive until she finishes university. Now I understand why people about to die make their loved ones promise all sorts of things before they disappear. That makes it easier to think about the future that will exist only for the others. Anticipation gives life to things that are not going to happen. Later, when I felt better, time became more flexible: the future extended to additional weeks, months, even to many years. Sometimes I put off my death to the age of 60, and sometimes – that’s the whim of a star – I think I’ll live to 90! For in the meantime they’ll surely find additional medications.

O is for Operation
“Did you have an operation?” No, no operation. I’m almost jealous. Being operated on, being mutilated, that’s the tops, a sort of first prize for the seriously ill. After that you’re definitely entitled to a seat for the disabled on the bus. An operation means you have had cancer. Without an operation? It’s not even sure she’s really ill. So there’s clearly nothing terrible, nothing to complain about, and anyway, breast cancer is curable nowadays. Why didn’t they operate? We read somewhere that operating on cancer at an advanced stage, at Stage 4 as in my case, can create metastases, and in any case it was too late … So I heroically explained to those who didn’t know that no, you don’t operate when there are metastases. If I was met with an enquiring, inquisitive look, I then added: “Too late”. There! But a moment later I was sorry: the person went away terrified. So I have stopped giving explanations; now I say that it’s not worth it, and even add that it’s not worth it because the treatment is working. But still, it’s not fair, not for me but for the others, those in stages 1, 2 and 3, that they suffer mutilation. I am lucky. Do I deserve it?

R is for Recovery
Why hasn’t my oncologist ever used that word yet? It would be so easy!!! Recovery, synonymous with improvement, relief, remission, resumption, rest. There’s a great improvement, I am calm, everything is down, I am at peace. Nature is benevolent, I feel great, so am I well again? Ten months after the diagnosis there was no longer any trace of the tumors, neither the little ones nor the big ones. Statistics say that after five years 10% of patients are still alive. And I am only in the third year. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t heard the word “revovery”? It’s true that I am still being given chemotherapy.

T is for Time
The day I was diagnosed I thought it was the beginning of a series of last times: “the first day of the rest of my life”. When the doctor set out for me the probable cause of my pain, I had to go – for the last time – to the school to pick up my son and – for the last time – drive home and pack a suitcase for the hospital, where they were expecting me straight away. Then, don’t think about it. Then, time stands still and is confined to hours and days. No more projects, no more future, don’t think about it. But then came morphine, which helped to get the clock going again, but first sent me into a woolly cloud without any sense of time. The daily hospital routine gave me back a sense of time, albeit outside the real world: the times of visits by nurses, doctors, István, the times of meals and other pleasures. If you are kind enough to lend your body to doctors and technicians, trust develops, and time becomes adaptable.

F is for Fear
Other people’s fear. But cancer is not a virus. You don’t catch it through contact! Still, you can imagine what AIDS patients feel when they tell strangers about their illness. What looks they get!!! I saw in people’s faces their terror, my funeral, the fear of suffering, goodbyes. “Oh my goodness, she’s going to die”, just because I had a wig and an ashen complexion. It comes down to a lack of experience, since those over 50 often ask how I am and want to know what’s new, tell me about their wives, brothers, friends, in positive terms, and I ask for nothing more. István, to vent his anger, tells everyone that his wife has cancer, just like that, heedlessly, crudely, abruptly. But there’s no point in shocking people. I prefer to say nothing, to let nothing out, to keep that for later. I have always liked to think “If only they knew, wait till they find out”, revelling in a sort of deferred revenge. I imagine the reaction a few months later: “But she’s not dead yet? Wow!!!”, and then they’ll admire me!! Like that young trainee at work who told me about her mother’s cancer (Stage 2 or something, so nothing at all). I said that I too had health problems, and she asked “Is it diabetes?” No, metastatic cancer, and then came the satisfaction: “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know. I’m sorry, but you look well.” “Well yes, I am strong.” What a delight, that admiring look. She was someone I didn’t know, it was silly of me, gratuitous. I never did that again.

M is for Moving
I have moved to a different country three times. Moved house even more often. Each time it was a new adventure: new administrative formalities, everything to rediscover, a new vocabulary and new rules to learn, venturing into administrative, cultural and linguistic labyrinths. Moving forward step by step and learning to be autonomous and not miss the opportunities for regular day-to-day life, nor make costly mistakes. Cancer is rather like that: a moving adventure full of surpises, a complicated world with a vast vocabulary you have to adapt to, step by step, a world rich in real discoveries, be it at the cultural or the human level.

R is for the Road
I still haven’t found the road to recovery, but I have faith in a new medicine I’m to be given in July 2013. It costs €5000 a month… so it’s sure to be effective, isn’t it?… But I have found the road to peace. Peace between conflicting feelings: I’m going to live another fifteen years or more, or I’m facing an early death. I am at peace with feelings like that and enjoy life from day to day.

Fabienne Berthelot

English translation: Brian Moon

2018-03-18 – Incendio in Texas

29386993_600636330271848_8464059256504994909_nIn mare di occidento star miscolanza di multo paise american. In scirocco dessa miscolanza star paise Texas. La filo caldo cascar e grandi incendio comminchiar in Amarillo in sera di domingo. Vento soffiar partes di grandi incendio e fasir multo piccolo incendio di gerba. Genti medico e malato star inquieto in osbidal non lontano, ma loro non devir forar e zero casa star in pericolo. Fasir fine di incendio per agua, ma restar vigilar logo caldo in notte avanti lunedi. (4 | US-TX)

Puigdemont proposa la model suiz de autonomia

Carles Puigdemont, la gidor de la separadistes en Catalunia, dise ce un majoria de la catalanes ta suporta cisa un autonomia federal simil a lo en Suiz, en loca de un autonomia completa.

Sua comentas en Geneve pare sujesta un cambia de sua suporta presedente per autonomia completa. La presidente pasada ia fuji a Beljia pos la declara de autonomia par Catalunia, seguente un vota disputada en otobre pasada.

La rejion ajitada resta direta governada par Madrid, an si en elejes en desembre, partitos favorente autonomia ia gania un majoria de sejas.

Espania vole deteni Puigdemont sur acusas de rebela. Cuatro plu gidores catalan, incluinte la vispresidente pasada Oriol Junqueras, es ancora en prison per sua parte en la vota de autonomia en otobre.

La autonomia de Catalunia resta pausada, car Madrid refusa desprisoni la om nominada per gida la governa rejional de Catalunia.

Puigdemont, parlante a un festa de film per diretos umana internasional en Geneve, ia sujesta ce autonomia completa no es la sola posible. “Cisa, entre otra modos, la model suiz es la plu efetosa e atraente,” el ia dise. Suiz ave un governa multe desentrida, en cual governas rejional, nomida cantones, ave un cuantia notable de potia.

Srilanca emerji de sua state de crise

Srilanca ia sutrae un state de crise ajuntada a 6 marto en responde a violentia contra comunias muslim. Du persones ia es matada, cuasi 450 casas e botecas de posese muslim ia es danada, e 60 veculos ia es ardeda en atacas en la distrito sentral de Kandy.

On ia introdui proibis de sorti e de redes sosial per atenta redui la tensa.

Violentia ia crese en la pais de majoria budiste de pos 2012, e on alega ce lo es nurida par grupos budiste estremiste. Los ia acusa muslimes de forsa persones a converti a islam e de vandali locas arceolojial de budisme. Deses de locas relijial muslim ia es ance danada.

Asta aora, la polisia ia aresta cuasi 300 persones, incluinte un gidor de organiza budiste estremiste sur ci los suspeta ce el ia inisia la violentia.

En la state de crise, autoriosas ia pote aresta e deteni suspetadas per periodos longa si los ia judi ce esta es nesesada. Sentos de soldatos ia es asiniada a la rejion de Kandy, e gas lacrimojen ia es usada cuando alga grupos ia continua defia la proibis de sorti.

Presidente Maithripala Sirisena ia anunsia par tuita ce el sutrae la state de crise a soldi, pos evalua la securia publica. Plu temprana en la semana, on ia sutrae ance proibis nasional contra locas ueb de redes sosial, incluinte Facebook.

Esta ia es la ves prima en sete anios cuando Srilanca ia adota un state de crise. La pais ia es en tal state tra cuasi tre desenios cuando la governa ia combate rebelores tamil en la gera interna cual ia fini en 2009.

2018-03-17 – Antaŭ elekto en Rusio


RTS1_NSCG-1200x806Elekto de prezidanto okazos en Rusio en dimanĉo. Antaŭ ses jaroj, la aktuala prezidanto Vladimir Putin gajnis sesdek kvar procentojn de la voĉoj kaj li daŭre havas ampleksan subtenon en Rusio, parte pro sia politiko, sed parte ankaŭ pro ke iu ajn signifa alternativa gvidanto apenaŭ povas emerĝi en la rusia amaskomunikilara kaj politika sistemo. Rusio engaĝiĝas en la ukrainia kaj siria konfliktoj kaj ne estas multe da apetito en la rusia publiko por plua milita engaĝiĝo. (0 | RU)

2018-03-17 – Prěd izborami v Rosiji / Пред изборами в Росији

POSLUŠITE ZVUKOZAPIS / ПОСЛУШИТЕ ЗВУКОЗАПИС (poljskym akcentom) / (польскым акцентом)

RTS1_NSCG-1200x806V nedělku budut v Rosiji prezidentske izbory. Prěd šestju godami iziskal tutčasny prezident Vladimir Putin šestdeset četyri procenty glasov i on dalje imaje široky podpor v Rosiji, čestično za svoju politiku, ale čestično takože za to, že kaky-nebud važny alternativny voditelj jedva može zaroditi se v rosijskoj medijno-političnoj sistemě. Rosija je povezanna v ukrajinskom i sirijskom konfliktu i v rosijskoj občině ne imaje apetita na daljšu vojennu povezannost. / В неделку будут в Росији президентске изборы. Пред шестју годами изискал тутчасны президент Владимир Путин шестдесет четыри проценты гласов и он далье имаје широкы подпор в Росији, честично за своју политику, але честично такоже за то, же какы-небуд важны алтернативны водитель једва може зародити се в росијској медијно-политичној системе. Росија је повезанна в украјинском и сиријском конфликту и в росијској обчине не имаје апетита на дальшу војенну повезанност. (0 | RU)

Protestas grande contra la governa slovensce

En Slovensco, sirca 65 mil persones ia partisipa en protestas antigoverna a la semana tre en segue. Coleria sur la mata de jornaliste Ján Kuciak e sua prometeda Martina Kušnírová ia provoca la ministro xef Robert Fico a resinia a jovedi.

Fico ia presenta sua colaboror Peter Pellegrini como sua sustitua, e ia promete resta political ativa. Protestores dise ce Fico va continua aplica potia e los esije elejes tempranida. Fico ia dise ce sua governa aliada ave autoria per servi tra tota sua periodo de cuatro anios, cual fini en 2020.

Kuciak ia investiga froda political alegada, liada a crimin organizada italian. Sua artcle final, no completida, ia es publicida pos sua mori en la tarda de febrero, tisante la coleria publica contra un governa jeneral regardada como falinte fronti la froda.

Protestas ia aveni ier en 35 sites tra la pais. La protesta en Bratislava en la semana pasada ia es probable la plu grande en Slovensco pos la cade de comunisme, con plu ca 40 mil partisipores. Ier la fola ala ia es an plu grande.

Suris fuji en la rejion asejada Guta Este

Plu ca 12 mil persones ia fuji de un vila en la rejion Guta Este cual ensirca Dimashq, la capital de Suria, con ce soldatos de governa avansa. A presente, la rejion es asejada e ocupada par rebelores.

Omes, femes e enfantes, portante covreletos e sacos, ia parti de Hamuria, cual ia deveni intensa bombardada en dias resente. Esta es la parti la plu grande de la enclave pos cuando la militar ia aumenta sua campania de resaisi lo en la mense pasada.

A la mesma tempo, 25 camiones portante comables ia entra a la vila Duma. La Comite Internasional de la Crus Roja ia dise ce la aida es mera un parte peti de lo cual es nesesada en Guta Este, do cuasi 400 mil persones fronti un manca sever de comedas e furnis medical.

La gera interna en Suria comensa aora sua anio oto. Lo ia lasa plu ca 350 mil persones mor, 1,5 milion otras con descapasias permanente, e 11 milion deslocada e en e estra la pais. Plu ca 1100 persons ia es matada de pos la intensi de la bombarda de Guta Este par la governa e sua aliadas a 18 febrero.

Pos cuando soldatos ia penetra la linias de rebelores estra Hamouria a la note de mercurdi, la governa ia identifia un via tra cual sitadanes pote parti. Ier, plu ca 12 mil persones ia usa la momento per fuji en dirije a un punto de controla governal en Adra.

“Nos ia es trapida en la suteras e no ia osa sorti,” un om ia comenta en la anteurbe de Hamouria. “Nos ia pote fa no cosa… On ia ave no comables.”

2018-03-15 – Kolapso de ponto en Miamo

Sekcio longa 53 metrojn de ponto por piedirantoj kolapsis en la kampuso de Florida Internacia Universitato en Miamo, Florido, sudorienta Usono. La sekcio de la ponto, kiu kolapsis, pesis 860 tunojn kaj ĝi falis sur plurajn aŭtojn sur la vojo malsupre. Ok aŭtoj estas disbatitaj. La ponto estis konstruita je nur kvin tagoj pli frue en sabato; ĝi ankoraŭ ne estis malfermita por pedirantoj, kaj la universitato estis je printempaj ferioj dum la kolapso. (15 | US-FL-Miami-Ft. Lauderdale)

La Rena Unida esclui diplomatas rusce

La Casa Blanca dise ce lo “sta en unia” con la Rena Unida, “sua aliada la plu prosima”, e suporta la deside de esta de esclui 23 diplomatas rusce.

Theresa May, la ministro xef brites, ia anunsia la esclui de la diplomatas pos cuando Moscva ia refusa esplica como un cimical antinervo ia es usada a un spior pasada en la Rena Unida. Moscva continua nega tota envolve en la ataca.

Un portavose per Donald Trump ia acusa Rusia de sumina securia, disente ce la SUA vole serti ce “esta spesie de ataca odiable no aveni denova”, e descrivente la esclui de la diplomatas como “un responde justa”:

“Esta ata la plu resente par Rusia conforma a un model de condui en cual Rusia iniora la ordina internasional regulada, sumina la autonomia e securia de paises tra la mundo, e atenta suverti e desonora instituidas e prosedes democrata de la Ueste.”

La spior pasada Sergei Scripal e sua fia Iulia resta estrema malada en ospital pos es trovada colasada sur un banca en Salisbury, England a 4 marto.

May ia comenta ce on ia identifia la cimical usada en la ataca contra los como parteninte a un grupo de antinervos developada par Rusia, conoseda como Novitxoc. El ia dise ce on ave “no otra conclui” ca crede ce Rusia es “culpable” per la venenis.

Ance parlante a la Consilio de Securia de la Nasiones Unida, un ambasador brites, Jonathan Allen, ia acusa Rusia de rompe sua obligas su la Acorda de Proibi de Armas Cimical. En responde, la ambasador rusce, Vasili Nebenzia, ia nega la envolve par Moscva en la ataca e ia esije un “demostra material” de Britan per suporta sua acusa.

Sergei Lavrov, la ministro rusce de esternas, ia dise ce Moscva va coopera en la caso si lo reseta de la Rena Unida un solisita formal per clari su la Acorda de Proibi, cual defini un limita de des dias per un responde.

Ma Rusia ia refusa sasia la limita definida par la Rena Unida per esplica la usa de la antinervo, provocante May a anunsia la esclui de diplomatas e otra medias intendeda per envia “un mesaje clar” a Rusia.

2018-03-14 – Aggressiōne in Alabāma

29186257_1676112049121511_2743514354363138048_nPlúmbo es ēmisso ab aggressōre armāto per pistólio cóntrā dúo hómines in véspere dē Mercúrio-díe in Hospitāle dē Ūniversitāte dē Alabāma in Birmingham, Cīvitātes Fœderāto dē América merīdiōnāle. Ūno ex dúo víctimas móri. Áltere víctima es ádhūc in hospitāle in státu stábile. Suīcīdio es cómmisso ab aggressōre. Hōrārio dē ómne operātiōnes chīrūrgico prō Jóve-díe es cancellāto. Ómne álio operātiōnes médico dē hospitāle es prōcēdente sécundum hōrārio in Jóve-díe. (15 | US-AL)

La vive de Stephen Hawking, 1942–2018

La fisiciste famosa Stephen Hawking ia mori a la eda de 76 anios. El ia mori pasosa a sua casa en Cambridge, England en la oras temprana de oji.

El ia batalia la maladia de motoneuron per deveni un de la siensistes la plu respetada e bon conoseda de sua tempo. Un om de umor grande, el ia deveni un ambasador poplal per siensa e ia atende sempre ce sua laboras es jeneral asedable.

Sua libro Un istoria consisa de tempo ia deveni un bonvendeda nonprobable, an si on no sabe cuanto persones ia susede leje asta la fini de lo. El ia apare en alga programes popular televisada, e ia presta sua vose sinteseda a rejistras diversa.

Stephen William Hawking ia nase en Oxford, England a 8 janero 1942. Sua padre, un biolojiste rexercante, ia move de London con sua madre per evade la bombi deutx. Hawking ia crese en London e St Albans e, pos gania un diploma de grado prima en fisica a Oxford, ia vade a Cambridge per fa rexercas posgraduada en cosmolojia.

Como adolesente, el ia gusta es un cavalor e remor, ma cuando el ia es a Cambridge on ia diagnose el con un forma de maladia de motoneuron par cual el ia deveni ultima cuasi intera paraliseda. En 1964, cuando el ia prepara sposi sua sposa prima, Jane, sua dotores ia suposa ce el ave no plu ca du o tre anios de vive restante.

Ma la maladia ia developa plu lenta ca on ia previde. La duple ia ave tre enfantes, e en 1988 – an si alora capas de parla sola con usa de un sintesador de vose, pos un traceotomia – Hawking ia completi scrive Un istoria consisa de tempo, un gida a cosomolojia per nonfisicistes. Lo ia vende plu ca des milion copias, an si sua autor ia es consensa ce on ia descrive lo como “la plu popular de la libros nonlejeda”.

El ia descovre la fenomeno cual on nomi aora la radia de Hawking, en cual bucos negra emete enerjia e desapare. El ia es famosa per sua capasia nonusual de imajina solves siensal sin calcula o esperimenta.

Ma la plu atende ia es cisa atraeda par sua “teoria de tota”, cual ia sujesta ce la universo evolui seguente leges bon definida. El ia dise: “Esta colie completa de leges pote dona a nos la respondes de esta demandas: Como la universo la comensa? A do lo vade, e esce lo va ave un fini? Si tal, como lo va fini? Si nos trova la respondes de esta demandas, nos va conose vera la mente de Dio.”

La fama de Hawking ia es atestada an par La Simpsones – el ia es imajida como bevinte a un bar con Homer, e sujestante ce el considera fura la idea de Homer ce la universo ave la forma de un donut.

El ia apare ance como se mesma en un episodio de la serie comedial Nana Roja de la BBC, e como un ologram de se en Star Trek: La jenera nova. La bande roc Pink Floyd ia usa sua vose sinteseda famosa en la introdui de un canta en sua album The Division Bell de 1994.

Nonprevenida par sua state medical, el ia continua sua labora como Profesor Lucasal de Matematica a la Universia de Cambridge, e en 2001, el ia publici sua libro du – La universo en un casca de noza.

El ia crede ce sua maladia ia trae alga beneficas, disente ce ante cuando el ia developa lo, el ia es noiada par la vive. Ma sua state ia fa ce el deveni nonevitable dependente de otras. El ia loda comun sua sposa, ci ia cura el tra plu ca dudes anios, e amis e relatadas ia es xocada cuando el ia divorsa el per un de sua curores, ci el ia sposi en 1995.

Ja en 2000, Hawking ia es un visitor frecuente a la departe de urjentes en la Ospital Addenbrooke en Cambridge, xercante trata per feris diversa. La polisia ia interoga persones sur alegas ce el ia sufri maltratas parlada e fisical tra alga anios. On ia sabe ce el tende gida sua seja rolante eletrical en modo cuasi iniorante peril, e Hawking ia insiste ce sua feris no es causada par maltrata. On no ia litiga.

En 2007, el ia deveni la tetraplejica prima ci esperia lejeria completa, en un avion spesial desiniada per simula la manca de gravita. El ia dise ce el ia fa esta per coraji la interesa a viaja spasial:

“Me crede ce la vive sur Tera fronti un risca sempre cresente de deveni eliminada par un desastre como un gera nucleal subita, un virus jenetical injeniada, o otra periles. Me pensa ce umanas ave no futur si los no vade a spasio. Donce me desira coraji la interesa publica a spasio.”

En 2014, la filma La teoria de tota ia es publicida, fundida en un raconta par Jane Hawking de sua cortea e sposia. Hawking mesma ia encontra la ator Eddie Redmayne en sua preparas per la rol de la siensiste.

En un serie televisada per Discovery Channel, el ia dise ce on ave bon razonas per suposa ce la vive intelijente esiste en otra partes de la universo, ma ia averti ce estrateranes visitante ta fura cisa la recursos de la Tera.

El ia scrive ce el ia ave la maladia de motoneuron tra cuasi tota sua vive adulte, ma el ia clari ce lo no ia impedi el de un familia atraosa e laboras susedosa. “Lo mostra,” el ia dise, “ce on no debe perde la espera.”

Un avion cade en Kathmandu

Un avion portante 71 pasajores e ecipores ia cade en atera a la airoporto Tribhuvan en Kathmandu en Nepal, matante 49 persones. Pos estingui la focon, salvores ia tira corpos de la ruina negrida de la avion, cual ia es operada par la airocompania US-Bangla.

La compania culpa la controla de trafica airal, ma la airoporto dise ce la avion ia prosimi de dirije erante. La vola BS211 ia verje de sur la atereria en la posmedia ier.

Un rejistra de la conversa entre la pilote e la controlores de trafica a poca minutos ante la cade sujesta un malcomprende sur cual fini de la atereria ia es preparada per esta avion. On oia un controlor ci dise: “Me repete, turna!”

La avion, volante de Dhaka, la capital de Bangladex, ia ave 17 anios. Atestores ia descrive un pum grande e un secute violente de la veculo. Pasajores ia plora e ia repete frases en grupo. Dudes-du persones ia survive, e es aora en ospital: 11 nepalis e 11 banglas.

Esta es la desastre avional la plu mal en Nepal de anios. La nasion himalaian ave un istoria miscada en esta relata, con plu ca 70 cades envolvente aviones e elicotores pos 1949, cuando la avion prima ia atera ala. On ia atribui la plu de la asidentes a mal clima, pilotes nonesperiosa e manteni nonsufisinte.

2018-03-12 – Nave di aria cascar in Nepal

29176795_1914722421895750_564707685967069184_nIn montagnia di oriento star paise Nepal; Kathmandu star città primer dessa paise. In mare di oriento star paise Bangladesh; Dacca star città primer dessa paise. Sessanta sette viator volar per nave di aria del Dacca a Kathmandu. In Kathmandu nave di aria fasir tentativa tocar terra in porto di aria, ma nave di aria cascar, rompir e incendiar. Pold esser quaranta umano star morto. Kathmandu star dentro rundo di multo montagnia e non star facile tocar terra la. (64 | NP)

Un vota colombian no suporta la FARC

La partitos conservaliste de Colombia, oposada a la acorda de pas de 2016 con rebelores FARC, es a punto de gania la elejes en la pais.

La vota ier ia es la prima en cual la gerilias FARC pasada, aora un partito political, ia partisipa.

Pos conta plu ca 90% de la votas, la partito Sentro Democrata de Álvaro Uribe ia gania la plu sejas.

La FARC no ia reseta multe votas, seguente la espetas – ma la acorda de pas garantia alga sejas per lo. Lo ia reseta sola 0,4% de la votas, ma va reseta sinco sejas en cada de la du salones de parlamento.

La partitos destra ia susede la plu, ma no ia ateni un majoria jeneral, an tal.

On previde anunsia la resultas ofisial final a ora plu tarda oji.

On ia reporta ance sesiones de vota plu pasosa ca en anios presedente, cuando la aveni ia es malida par violentia a veses.

Impostas plu alta per companias minante en RD Congo

La Republica Democrata de Congo ia deside alti la impostas de companias minante, an con oposa forte par companias internasional. Presidente Joseph Kabila ia suscrive un codigo nova de mina, legalinte lo, a venerdi.

La pais es la produor la plu grande en Africa de cupre e cobalto, un composante esensal en pilas de telefonetas.

Companias minante internasional ia oposa la lege, disente ce sua operas en RD Congo va sesa es profitosa.

Alga dirijores xef ia vola a Kinshasha, la capital congoles, en esta semana, esperante convinse Kabila a cambia sua opina. Los ia razona ce la lege nova va impedi investis futur e va viole acordas esistente.

Ma la governa ia acorda considera sua consernas en modo individua, e labora con los per reali la codigo nova.

Tra anios, RD Congo ia parla sur cambia sua codigo de mina de 2002, sur cual lo ia crede ce lo pone tro multe profitas en la manos de companias stranjer. Sua industria de mina – cual produi ance diamante, tantalo, stanio e oro – es la fonte la plu grande de revenu esportal en la pais.

La lege, asetada par parlamento en janero, va dupli la paias cual produores de tota minerales debe dona a la governa.

La nasion es povre, ma rica con minerales, e furni plu ca 60% de la cobalto per la mundo. La custa de cobalto ia deveni plu ca duple en la anio pasada par causa de un esije cresente per autos eletrical, cual nesesa cobalto per sua pilas.

La imposta de cobalto ta pote ance deveni plu ca cuatruple si la governa deside clasi lo como “un sustantia stratejial”.

2018-03-10 – President fransian in India

AUSKULTA REGISTRASION DE SON (aksentuasion italik)

e6119661144f71d1ebd7b432d803f051bacf5fc9President fransian av diked in diurn saturndiik, ke relasioni defendasionik ko India avav devenied multe plu bon ka anteriore, po ke omni du landi avav subskribed akord sekuritetik kontr influens cinesian kreskant in Osean Indian. Ministr prim indian, kel avav velkomed president fransian per inbrasasion grand durantu sie arivasion in diurn vendrdiik, av diked, ke Osean Indian ludero rol multe important in diurni futur. Posteriore ili partisipero konferasion di klimat. (0 | IN)

<phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”presiˈdent fransiˈan ˈav diˈked ˈin diˈurn saturndiˈik”/>, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”ˈke relasiˈoni defendasioˈnik ˈko ˈindia aˈvav deveniˈed ˈmulte ˈplu ˈbon ˈka anteriˈore”/>, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”ˈpo ˈke ˈomni ˈdu ˈlandi aˈvav subskriˈbed aˈkord sekuriteˈtik ˈkontr influˈens t͡ʃinesiˈan kresˈkant ˈin oseˈan indiˈan”/>. <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”miˈnistr ˈprim indiˈan”/>, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”ˈkel aˈvav velkoˈmed presiˈdent fransiˈan ˈper inbrasasiˈon ˈgrand duˈrantu ˈsie arivasiˈon ˈin diˈurn vendrdiˈik”/>, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”ˈav diˈked”/>, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”ˈke oseˈan indiˈan luˈdero ˈrol ˈmulte imporˈtant ˈin diˈurni fuˈtur”/>. <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”posteriˈore ˈili partisiˈpero konferasiˈon ˈdi kliˈmat”/>.

Orolojos es retardada par un disputa political

Esce tu deveni tarda per labora e culpa tua veliador eletrical? La razona vera es cisa ce la rede eletrical de Europa es afetada par un disputa entre Cosovo e Serbia.

La organiza cual representa companias de transmete eletrical tra 25 paises european ia dise ce orolojos a lado de leto ia lenti par asta ses minutos pos la media de janero. Tempadores de caldi sentral e orolojos de fornos es ance afetada, ma no computadores o telefonetas.

Paises de Espania a Turcia e de Polsce asta Nederland parteni a un area grande en Europa cual es liada en un rede eletrical cual opera a un frecuentia sincronida. Esta frecuentia regula la cronometri en alga aparatos.

En la periodo de crise, Cosovo no ia jenera un cuantia sufisinte de eletrica per sua esije. Serbia es legal obligada a sasia esta esije, per manteni la stablia de la rede european. Ma car Cosovo e Serbia disputa esta situa – como ance multe plu temas relatada con la separa uniladal par Cosovo de Serbia a des anios ante aora – Serbia no ia reali sua obliga.

Esta manca de responde puntual ia devia la frecuentia, e la redui ia afeta orolojos. Otra paises, pos perde reservas en cuantia de 113 cilovate-oras, xerca un compensa.

Per remedia la ecuilibra tra la continente, on debe jenera enerjia suprapasante e introdui lo a la sistem per alga tempo.

Tu pote ajusta manual tua orolojos, ma sua retarda va sesa automata pos la restabli de la rede.